Back Alley Bakes is a husband-and-wife duo - Gabs and Alana - and since bringing this project to life, they've been  packing their bread full of goodness and delivering it throughout the inner-north. While Gabs is sweating it out in the bakery, Alana manages marketing, logistics, and service. Basically, she keeps things rolling. I guess you could say keeping things from going 'a-rye' is her bread and butter!

How it Started

While Back Alley Bakes officially launched in 2020, their journey started back in 2015 when Gabs, who'd been a chef for over ten years, attended a masterclass at Cannibal Creek Bakery and fell in love with baking. The class was run by James Fisher, who now owns Miller Baker James, and was the couple's first inspiration. It was that first meeting  that awoke Gab's passion for sourdough and instead of 'milling about', he  pursued the life of a bread nerd, quickly feeling the 'knead' to understand every aspect of baking bread - down to the subtle changes in texture and flavour from different flours and grains, and how that is affected by different responses to the environment as they grow.

The two have a shared dream of seeing individuals and families eating sustainably produced, nutrient filled bread - a passion which has only intensified after having children of their own. They both had a strong desire to run their own business, and with two strong hospo backgrounds and Alana's administrative expertise to top it off, it seemed all the bases were covered to make this dream a reality.

What We're about

Bread is a staple food in our society, and yet so much that we consume is highly processed, to the point of losing most of it's nutritional value. Our approach to bread is super simple and doesn't go  against the 'grain'. It's water, flour, and salt lovingly  combined and fermented to create a delicious loaf every time.The real key to the BABs  tastiness lies in the quality of  our ingredients. We're working towards a future driven by sustainable farming and community minded food production. To this end, we strive to use fresh, local  ingredients in all of our products - right down to the biodynamically grown flour we use in all of our loaves. We are commited to doing all we can to support sustainable farming and local businesses, and to growing communities centred around these ideals. We know it can be hard for lots of folks to move away from mass-produced food, so we do everything we can to help people along this process. We offer weekly delivery subscriptions to bring stress-free, quality food right to your door, and have introduced gift subscriptions so everyone can spread the love.