We are a preston based micro-bakery providing local fresh bread delivery to inner and north melbourne.

Back Alley Bakes was founded with a focus on supporting sustainable farming practices and local businesses, and bringing delicious, healthy bread products to the community.

All of our bread is hand-crafted using ethically produced, freshly milled flour from our friends over at Rock, Paper, Flour. This, coupled with our dedication to fresh, local ingredients is what gives our bread it's rich flavour.

We are passionate about helping people move away from over processed, mass-produced foods, which is why we offer subscriptions. That way you can have high -quality bread delivered to you each week with no stress.

For wholesale enquiries, please visit our Contact page.

How It Works

Order Now

You Order

While exploring our hand-crafted bread selection, you can choose to setup a subscription for regular bread deliveries, or make a one off order for the next delivery day.

We Bake

There are 3 bake days a week. Subscription orders will be filled automatically. For one time orders, you can choose your delivery date prior to checkout. The order cutoffs are at 12pm, 2 days prior to each bake day.

Freshly Baked Bread Delivered to Your Door

We deliver within a 10km radius, servicing Melbourne's inner northern suburbs.

Delivery times are between 9am and 2pm (however we do aim to get to everyone as soon as possible)

You can check your post code on any of product pages before checkout. If you are not in our radius, you can always send us an enquiry from our contact page.